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Seasoning to Prevent Defects in Green Wood

Price: $1.00
This publication provides information on some of problems and basic principles involved in seasoning lumber, wood disks and other small pieces of wood. It is intended to help individuals who would like to season small quantities of wood inexpensively and without sacrificing quality. Small mill owners may also find this information useful in the manufacture of dried wood products.

In addition to information on the seasoning processes, this publication covers pre-drying treatments that reduce defects like mold, stain, decay, check, splitting and warp. The pre-drying procedures include treating wood with PEG (Polyethylene glycol-1000), salt paste, pre-surfacing, end-coating and dipping in fungicides. Some solar dry kiln issues are included. A troubleshooting section deals with some potential pitfalls that can easily be avoided when drying wood.

8 1/2 x 11"  •  24 pages  •  saddlestitched


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